What are MBRs

The term 'membrane bioreactor' (MBR) is generally used to define wastewater treatment processes which integrate a-selective membrane e.g. microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a biological process to allow the process to function as desired. MBR processes can be operated at higher mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations and the sludge solids are completely retained in the bioreactor, thus reducing the reactor volume to achieve the same loading rate.


  • Sludge solids are completely retained in the bioreactor compared to conventional settlement separation systems.
  • Concentrated sludge cake. Functional system regardless the in-flow status. High operational reliability.
  • Longer solids retention time (SRT) enhancing removal effectiveness.
  • Stay ideally low food-microorganism ratio.
  • Small footprint benefit for existing facility extension.
  • Easy maintenance


Unitech's customized MBR Wastewater Package Systems offer long-lasting strength in a compact, built-to-specifications design. The system is possible combines a Programming logical Controller (PLC) to provides superior effluent quali ty while reducing the time and costs required for plant construction.


  • Simplifying the process program for better efficiency.
  • Space-saving. No sedimentation unit is required.
  • Removal of bacteria and virus for antitoxin.
  • Process unit is compactly distributed to reduce odor emission.
  • Exit flow hold low turbidity which is suitable for mid-term recycle.
  • Low in energy consumption, no chemical dosing is required.
  • Selective for beneficial strains which facilitating removal of contaminants.
  • Efficient and effective for small to mid-scale process with low maintenance.




Scope for application

Public facility, Petrochemical Industry, Electronics Industry, Printing Industry, Butchery, Food processing plant, Heavy Industry....
  • Increasing the capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants. The processed water can be directly recycled.
  • Filtration of groundwater and river water.
  • Substitution for sand filter or micro filter and prolonging RO operation time.
  • Small to mid-scale water process plant, pharmaceutical factory, school, vacation hotel,
  • restaurant, amusement park, military campus.
  • Providing rapid and graded ultra-filtration also meet urgent request.

Amusement Park


Producing Industry

Environment Waste Water

Shopping Mall



  • Customize design for process by assorted tanks, reactors with assembling.
  • Full set of control units such as pumps, air compressors, flow meters, valves, tubing, electricity layout.
  • Commissioning by clean water. On-site-initiable while introducing into target pipe.
  • Automated control for convenient management.
  • Providing various kind of work volume based on daily load.

Business models

Avaliable for modularity, customized and long term leasing